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How to automate the discovery of SSL certificates ?

Auteur : Yann Desmarest

Date de publication : 29 juin 2018 - Dernière mise à jour : 9 juillet 2018

As a security company, we are often dealing with SSL certificates. We are using them to configure Server Certificate Authentication, Client Side Authentication, Signing or Encryption of payloads and some more technical stuffs. To simplify the management of those certificates, we developed a solution able to discover and monitor them. We are now proud to present SSLCert.

SSLCert provides an innovative solution to automate the discovery and alerting of SSL / TLS certificates across the corporate network. This solution is available on-premise or in SaaS mode and is currently free of charge. To take benefits of our service, you only need to request an account to our support team : support@e-xpertsolutions.com

You can see below which features of SSLCert you can use to discover and manage your SSL certificates.

Automatic discovery and inventory

Learn about known and unknown certificates that are installed on your applications, servers, network equipment, and other assets. SSLCert maintains an inventory of certificates discovered for better day-to-day management.

How to automate the discovery of SSL certificates ?

Complete view of certificates

SSLCert provides information about certificates, certification chain, and control that the certificate validity and compliance. In addition, the solution offers the ability to integrate with Qualys SSL Labs to verify the grade of the SSL/TLS service monitored.

How to automate the discovery of SSL certificates ?

Qualys SSL Labs integration

As an administrator, you can trigger SSL Labs scans from the SSLCert Web UI and then consult results through a dedicated dashboard.

How to automate the discovery of SSL certificates ?

Alerting and reporting

SSLCert integrates an engine that help you to define specific rules to monitor certificates. The administrator can configure notifications based on the expiration date of certificates to avoid security incidents and proactively re-issue expiring ones.

How to automate the discovery of SSL certificates ?